Shickle Enterprises Home Based Business Opportunities

Dedicated to the Home Based Business Entrepreneur…

“Do Good by Doing Good”

Before you start a home based business make sure it has the following:

1. A product or service that is legitimate, of the highest quality, affordable, and something everyone wants, needs, or is already using on a regular basis.

2. No commitment to purchase the product or service.

3. Realistic requirement for advancement and vesting of each position as achieved.

4. Easily duplicatable system.

5. Affordable entry fee and minimal on going expense.

6. No collections or deliveries and no payments to downline.

7. Most important is an active and supportive upline.

These services will not only save you money on your business expenses but can convert those expenses into additional income.

Get rebates on all your shopping!
Teaming up with Rakuten means joining forces with a global leader. Together, we’re working nonstop to reward you in more places and in more ways. Since joining Rakuten, we’ve sent a combined 35 million Big Fat Checks and PayPal payments to our members.

We’ve also started offering Cash Back on new categories like ride shares and food delivery. And we’ve dramatically increased our in-store presence, so you can earn Cash Back on trips to your local mall. And we’re not done! Stay tuned for more exciting announcements later this year.

Fundraising – Unlimited money for any individual or organization! Forever!!

Pre Paid Legal – Protect your family and business. Everyone needs this service. Unlimited phone consultation, document review, comprehensive wills and much more. Home Based Business Rider. Identity Theft Protection. Monthly Membership Fee. No contract. Stop at any time.
You can also earn money as an Associate! One time entry fee.(no renewal, no quotas, no deadlines).