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Get Your Free Hand Sanitizer Website

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Nine hand sanitizers have been recalled by the FDA, due to containing methanol (wood alcohol), which can be toxic when absorbed through the skin or ingested. All are manufactured in Mexico by Eskbiochem. All are labeled with “Made in Mexico” and “Produced by: Eskbiochem SA de CV,” according to FDA. So be sure to read the labels on any hand sanitizers you buy!

Better alternative:

Did you know alcohol-based sanitizers only kill germs while they are wet? That’s only about 2 minutes! Our Better Sanitizer kills 99.99% of germs up to 3 to 4 hours! Most of us know people who would like to get a sanitizer that lasts longer and doesn’t dry out their skin.

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The primary ingredient in our product has been used for decades as a surgical cleaner, wound cleaner and in the medical and cosmetic industries. Alcohol sanitizer is a great disinfectant and can kill germs. The marketing behind alcohol-based sanitizers has been prevalent.

We have repurposed our product for the masses to help them kill germs longer on their hands because of what is going on in the world now. We believe our product will become a household name in the very near future. If you are interested in purchasing the product only, check out the product review and ordering information here