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Welcome to legitimate work at home and home based business solutions. Most of the businesses listed here are stand alone. What that means is that you can register to sell their products or services but you do not have to recruit members into a down line to make money. You can run them as a stand alone business from home and make a very good living doing so.

Also, once you are registered, you can purchase those products or services from yourself and receive money back in the form of a commission. It’s kind of like creating your own rebate. However, should you decide to share your business opportunity with your family and friends, they will have the same ability to purchase the products and services from themselves.

Now this is where it gets exiting. Every time one of your contacts, or family and friend make a purchase from their website, not only will they get paid, but you will get paid too. Then when they introduce their business to their family and friends, all of you get paid and so on. I’m sure by now you can see the potential for sharing your business and not keeping it to yourself.

Before we move on the actual work at home opportunities, I want to share with you the criteria for deciding an a home based business and they are as follows, in no particular order. Also included are guidelines for multi-level marketing.

1. The business must be a legitimate.

2. They must have products or service of the highest quality.

3. They must be affordable.

4. Must be something everyone wants and or needs.

5. There must be no commitment to purchase.

6. There is no monthly quota to receive commissions.

7. The system must be easily duplicatable.

8. Affordable entry fee and minimal on going expense.

9. No collections or deliveries and no payments to down line.

10. Most important is an active and supportive up line.

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