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Hi. My name is Donald R Shickle Jr., owner/administrator of Work At Home Solutions and I have been doing online business and home based business since 1997.

I have owned, operated and sold several successful online businesses. I am also the author of the original ebook, "The Real Viral Marketing Machine".

I am currently taking courses and earning certificates in coding, web development and project managment and will soon be using my new skills to develope an app that is comperable to UBER and airbnb.


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Image Original Size: 750x500 PROJECT TITLE HERE

Image Original Size: 750x500 PROJECT TITLE HERE

Image Orinagal Size: 750x500 PROJECT TITLE HERE

Image Orinagal Size: 750x500 PROJECT TITLE HERE

Image Orinagal Size: 750x500 PROJECT TITLE HERE

Image Orinagal Size: 750x500 PROJECT TITLE HERE


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